Knowledge is power. No one can take that away from you."
- West Point Graduate/Veteran at Philadelphia VA Stand Down in discussion over our book donation

Opportunity - Haven - Amity - Value

OPPORTUNITY - Nationwide mission to empower homeless & hospitalized Veterans through the enrichment of literature by providing the opportunity to revitalize their yearn to pursue educational and career goals. 

HAVENLiterature provides a mental & emotional haven within the mind during tough times - by combating the mental anguish of homelessness, the negative effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, substance abuse, and depression.

AMITY - The gift of literature coupled with a warm hug connects human beings in profound ways - through knowledge and human interaction. We hope to provide this form of healing and motivation with Operation Hug A Veteran - a form of philanthropy that every homeless & hospitalized Veteran within our nation deserves.

VALUE - Literature provides value to one's life - whether by reading a good book, relaxing with a novel, or learning with educational materials. We hope to add value to homeless Veterans lives by annually awarding the Mrs. Elizabeth "The Hug Lady" Laird Scholarship to a Veteran in need - a positive step towards motivation in each selected Veterans goals for higher education or career advancement.