Operation Hug A Veteran created a one-of-a-kind crest in honor of Mrs. Elizabeth "The Hug Lady" Laird, homeless Veterans, and hospitalized Veterans. A silhouette of a military service member & a Veteran, representing the hosptialized Veterans & the 50,000 homeless Veterans whom could be of any age, race, creed, and gender, adorn the crest. The infamous yellow ribbon bearing the 1st Cavalry Division patch worn by "The Hug Lady" is on the right and left of the crest, paying homage to Mrs. Laird. The literature that both the military service member & Veteran stand on is the foundation for the two Veterans - a symbol of empowerment. Enscribed on the crest above Operation Hug A Veteran is our motto -

"Empowering homeless & hospitalized Veterans through the enrichment of literature."