Honorary OHAV Advocates
Honorary OHAV Advocates have donated in support of a homeless & hospitalized Veterans.

A thank you letter and tax-exemption receipt is given in return to all
Honorary OHAV Advocates by Operation Hug A Veteran.

U.S. Army SSG(Ret.) Milanie Manlulu, son Miles, & daughter Malia from Oregon
U.S. Air Force TSGT Kenneth Ross & wife Mrs. Michelle Ross from Texas
Mr. Robert Carpenter/ACNHS of Thiel College from Pennsylvania
Mrs. Melissa Yetton-Ryder from Maine
Mr. & Mrs. William & Sarah Bryant from Missouri
Ms. Anna Peters from South Carolina
U.S. Army SPC B.W. from Texas
Mr. Umayr S. from Indiana
U.S. Army SFC Leanne Buckley and daughter Scarlett from South Dakota
Ms. Vicki F. from Georgia
Mrs. Tia Taccia from Oklahoma
Smith's Detection Group of Maryland
U.S. Army SGT Suheil Mercado from Puerto Rico

​U.S. Army PFC Anjelica Soliz from Maryland
​U.S. Army SSG Ellie Bergthold from California
Ms. Danielle Slott from Texas
NYPD P.O. Michael Genovese from New York
U.S. Army SGT Michael Shelton from Alabama
Mrs. Sarah Ellis from Kansas
Mr. Kevin Santos
U.S. Army Veteran Bryan Collins
Ms. Kelly Genovese from New York
Mr. Samuel Moreno from Vermont
Mr. James & John Schwartz (VA Stand Down Staff) from Philadelphia VA Stand Down
​Mr. Edward Dirige from Hawai'i